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November 03, 2017



Luna Achiary joins forces with producer/engineer Johannes Raassina to create this Electronic/Ambient Pop project

Luna - vocals + additional synths, bass, keys, guitars
"This is the first time I've detached myself so much from the production aspect of making a record, focusing only on vocals and minor musicianship. It was a more relaxing and fun way to make music. Finding people that you like to collaborate with is extremely hard. These are definitely the most pop lines I've ever sang "

Johannes - production, bass, guitars, synths, keys, field sampling and recording, mixing
"As an engineer, I’ve spent a lot of time with many talented artists and producers, but it was always about someone else's music. This project is my first effort as a songwriter/producer. I couldn’t have done it without a talented co-writer and singer by my side. It is a beautiful and inspiring experience"

First Self titled album out in November